Rapolano Terme

Regione: Toscana Distretto: Terre del Benessere Ambito: Terre di Siena

“I Bagni di Rapolano mi hanno tolto un resto d’incomodo al piede sinistro, e l’effetto ne fu istantaneo.”

(Giuseppe Garibaldi)

A seemingly harsh land but with a warm heart due to its famous and healthy thermal waters. The thermal waters of Rapolano and the travertine of the Serre, which has been extracted since the sixteenth century, are the basis of the "well-being" of a territory which is also very rich in agricultural activities and woods. The roads and the inhabited centers carry the sign of the magnificence that Mother Nature has given to an industrious and creative community. State-of-the-art thermal establishments and the precious travertine used for the church of San Biagio in Montepulciano, for the Cathedral of Pienza and in many other important buildings, make Rapolano a place known and appreciated all over the world.
Excellent olive oil, fine wines and sausages are absolutely to be tasted.
City of Wine and City of Oil

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The ring of Garibaldi and the paths of "Vivi Rapolano" allow you to get acquainted with nature and the historic houses in the area. The Lauretana cycle route and the Crete Senesi Tour also allow you to connect with the roads that lead to the heart of Crete. There are plans for an important cycle route along the Ombrone River and the railway that leads to Grosseto. The route of Eroica is very close and easily reachable from Armaiolo or along the route of Asciano.

Cammini Lauretani